3.5. Deleting a Debug Configuration

If you no longer require a Debug Configuration, you can delete it.


You cannot delete a Debug Configuration when the debugger is connected to a target in that Debug Configuration.


If you want to keep the settings for a Debug Configuration, then you do not have to delete that configuration. Instead, you can hide the configuration so that it is not visible in the Connect to Target window.

To delete a Debug Configuration:

  1. Select Configuration from the Grouped By drop-down list.

  2. Expand the Debug Interface containing the Debug Configuration to be deleted.

  3. Make sure that there are no targets connected on the Debug Configuration.

  4. Right-click on the required Debug Configuration to display the context menu.

  5. Select Delete Configuration... from the context menu.

  6. Click OK when prompted to confirm the deletion. The Debug Configuration is deleted.


    This also deletes the corresponding CONNECTION= group in the Connection Properties and the related Debug Interface configuration file.

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