3.11.2. Connection details in the Output view

As you connect to a target, the messages are displayed in the Cmd tab of the Output view. The following example shows the messages that might be displayed when connecting to an ARM966E-S through RealView ICE.

> connect @ARM966E-S_0@RVI
Advanced_info searched in: Local Advanced_info, BOARD=CM966ES, BOARD=CP
Using Advanced info based on Processor 'ARM'
Using Advanced info based on 'Default' or 'All'Mode: Little Endian
ARM RealView ICE
Base H/W: V1 Rev C-01
TurboTAP Rev: 1.71
Firmware: 1.4.0, Build 450
Copyright ARM Limited 2002,2003,2004,2005
Attached to stopped device
Warning: No stack/heap or top_of_memory defined - setting top_of_memory to 0x00020000.
Copyright © 2002-2011 ARM. All rights reserved.ARM DUI 0153N