3.7.2. Making a connection from the Home Page

The Home Page lists the last 10 connections you have made. If those connections are still valid, then you can connect to them without having to open the Connect to Target window:

  1. Select View → Home Page from the Code window main menu to select the Home Page in the Code window. Figure 3.12 shows an example:

    Figure 3.12. Home Page

    Home Page

    The Recent Connections are listed at the bottom of the page.


    The Recent Images list is displayed only if you have previously loaded an image.

  2. If any connections are listed, click the required connection to connect to the related target. The connection entry changes to black text to show that this connection is established, and the hyperlink is removed until you disconnect.

  3. If no connections are listed:

    1. Click the blue Connect to Target... hyperlink to open the Connect to Target window.

    2. Connect to a target using the Connect to Target window.

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