3.1.4. Connections to trace components

If your development platform has a simple configuration containing trace components, then RealView Debugger automatically connects to the trace components when you connect to the target processor. A simple configuration is assumed to be a single ARM architecture-based processor with an Embedded Trace Macrocell (ETM™), and optionally an Embedded Trace Buffer (ETB™).


Except for setting up the conditions for trace capture, no additional trace hardware configuration is required for a simple configuration.

For a non-Coresight development platform, all trace components are hidden in the Connect to Target window, and only the target processors are visible.

For a CoreSight™ development platform:

  1. Autoconfigure the Debug Interface configuration to detect the CoreSight Debug Access Port (DAP).

  2. If your CoreSight DAP contains a ROM table, then read the ROM table to determine the target processor, and the remaining CoreSight components. Otherwise, you must manually add the remaining devices.

  3. Create a CoreSight associations file, and assign it to the Debug Interface configuration.

  4. Connect to all CoreSight components.


    All CoreSight components must remain connected to capture trace.

  5. Set up the trace hardware configuration for each CoreSight component.


If you do not want to capture trace information, then you have only to add the CoreSight DAP and the target processor.

Supported CoreSight components

Table 3.1 lists the CoreSight components supported in this release, and the corresponding connection name that appears in the Connect to Target window. However, you can specify different names for the components in the CoreSight associations file.

Table 3.1. Connection names for supported CoreSight components

CoreSight componentDefault connection name
JTAG Access Port for connection to an ARM1136JF-S processorARM1136JFS-JTAG-AP
JTAG Access Port for connection to an ARM1156T2F-S processorARM1156T2FS-JTAG-AP
JTAG Access Port for connection to an ARM1176JZ-F processorARM1176JZF-JTAG-AP

AHB Trace Macrocell (HTM) [a]


Cross Trigger Interface (CTI)


Embedded Trace Buffer (ETB)


Embedded Trace Macrocell (ETM)


Instrumentation Trace Macrocell (ITM) [a]


Program Flow Trace Macrocell (PTM) [a]


Serial Wire Output (SWO) [a]


Trace Funnel


Trace Port Interface Unit (TPIU)


[a] Although this component can be added as a target, you cannot capture trace from it in this release.

Considerations for connections to CoreSight components

Be aware of the following for connections to trace components:

  • If any of the following components are required by your development platform, then connections for these components do not appear in the Connect to Target window:

    • CoreSight DAP (ARMCS-DP)

    • Serial Wire Debug DAP (ARMSW-DP)


    You must use the DSTREAM and RealView ICE RVConfig utility to configure these components.

  • Only the Registers and Memory views are supported in the Code window when a CoreSight component connection is currently displayed in that window.

  • You can configure a CoreSight component using:

    • the Hardware Configuration dialog for that component, which is the recommended method

    • the Registers view.

  • You can set up associations for the CoreSight components to give a topology view. You assign the associations using the RVConfig utility.

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