3.15.1. Considerations when connecting to all targets for a specific Debug Configuration

By default, all targets for a specific Debug Configuration are connected in the order listed in that configuration. However, you can change the connection sequence if, for example, a target requires one or more other targets be connected first. You define a target connection sequence using the Pre_connect setting in the Connection Properties:

Considerations for development platforms that include trace components

If your development platform includes trace components, you might want to connect any target processors after connecting to the trace components. To do this, you can set up a connection sequence for the Debug Configuration. This ensures that the connection to a target processor is always set up as the current connection. Alternatively, you can cycle through the connections after they have been established.

To perform tracing on a target processor, the details of the connection to that processor must be shown in a Code window. Typically, this is the current connection. To make sure that the connection details for a processor are always visible in a Code window, even when you cycle through connections, then attach the Code window to that connection.

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