3.11.1. Connection details in the Code window title bar

When you connect to a target, your title bar looks like the one shown in Figure 3.18.

Figure 3.18. Connection information in the Code window title bar

To view this graphic, your browser must support the SVG format. Either install a browser with native support, or install an appropriate plugin such as Adobe SVG Viewer.

This shows:


The connection name, incorporating the processor name, the connection number, and the Debug Configuration name. In this example, the connection is to an ARM940T™ processor using the RealView-ICE Debug Configuration through a RealView ICE Debug Interface.


The attachment of the window to the connection currently displayed in the Code window. By default, a Code window is not attached to a connection and the attachment status is not displayed.

When you attach a Code window to the connection shown in that Code window, the status [Target] is added after the connection name.


If you are debugging OS-aware images and the title bar contains no attachment details, then this window is attached to the current thread.

The color box is a visual cue for each connection you make. A different color is allocated for each active connection, and the color box is displayed in each window, or floating view, that is displaying information for that connection.

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