13.18.7. Viewing standard cycle count statistics with the STATS command

Example 13.1 shows statistics for a von Neumann processor, such as an ARM7TDMI:

Example 13.1. RVISS statistics for a von Neumann processor

> stats
Ref_Point Instructions Core_Cycles _S_Cycles _N_Cycles _I_Cycles _C_Cycles Total
Ref_Cur   0023adcf    00478cdd   002cb733 0011eb35 0008ea75 00000000 00478d29

A group of RealView Debugger internal variables contains statistics relating to your current debugging session.

The first line of statistics shows values accumulated from the beginning of execution of the program you are debugging, and is labeled Ref_Cur.

You can add more lines of statistics, accumulated from later interruptions of program execution. When execution has stopped, to start accumulating a new line of statistics, add a new reference point using the following command:

STATS,setref reference_point


You cannot accumulate statistics in the CycleCount tab of the Registers view. The CycleCount tab shows the values that correspond to the Ref_Cur reference point.

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