4.16.2. Saving and closing selected files in a single operation

To save and close selected files in a single operation:

  1. Select File → Save/Close Multiple... from the Code window main menu to open the Save Multiple dialog box, and the source file that is currently visible in the Code window is selected by default.


    This option is available only when a source file tab is selected.

  2. Select the source files that you want to save or close. Use the AllOn and AllOff buttons to select or deselect all source files if required.

  3. Choose the required operation:

    • Click Close All to close all the selected source files.

      If you have modified a source file, then you are prompted to save the file before closing it.

    • Click Save to save all the selected source files.

    • Click Convert to convert files from DOS to UNIX by removing end-of-line markers, or adding end-of-line markers to convert UNIX files to DOS format. The current file type is displayed in the Type column.

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