13.8.3. Creating a customized register view for a connection

Each tab in the Registers view displays the complete set of registers identified by the name of the tab. For example, the Core tab displays the complete set of core registers for a processor. However, you might only be interested in viewing some registers from one or more tabs. RealView Debugger enables you to create your own customized register view, that contains only those registers of interest.


The customized register view is connection-specific. Therefore, if you have multiple connections, you can create a different customized register view for each connection. Only the User tab for the connection shown in the Code window is available in the Registers view.

To create your own customized register view:

  1. Connect to your target.

  2. Load an image.

    For example, load the Dhrystone example image dhrystone.axf.

  3. Select View → Registers from the Code window main menu to open the Registers view as a floating view. The Core tab is displayed by default. Figure 13.17 shows an example.

  4. Click the tab in the Registers view that contains the registers of interest.

  5. Select the register that you want to copy to your own register view. You can select multiple registers to copy using the standard key operations, if required.

    For example, in the Core tab select the PC, SP, LR, R0, and R1 registers.

  6. Right-click on a selected register, to display the context menu.

  7. Select Copy to User View from the context menu. The selected registers are copied to your user view.

  8. If the User tab is not visible, right-click on the white background in the view to display the context menu.

  9. Select Show User View from the context menu to display the User tab containing the registers you have added to the view. Figure 13.22 shows an example:

    Figure 13.22. Customized register view

    Customized register view

  10. Repeat this procedure to add more registers from other tabs as required.


Any registers on the User tab persist between debugger sessions.

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