4.4. Loading a binary

Binary files usually require that you specify a location when being loaded, for example a Flash binary. Therefore, you cannot load them in the same way as an executable image.


If you want to load a binary to a location in Flash, a Flash memory entry must exist in the memory map.

To load a binary:

  1. Start RealView Debugger.

  2. Connect to a target.

  3. To load a binary to a location in Flash, then enable memory mapping.

  4. Select Target → Load Binary... from the Code window main menu to open the Load Binary dialog box. Figure 4.5 shows an example. The default location is the location of the last image you loaded. In this case, the location of the debug image for the Dhrystone example project.

    Figure 4.5. Load Binary dialog box

    Load Binary dialog box

  5. In the Look in: field, locate the directory containing the binary file that you want to load.

  6. Select the type of binary file that you are loading from the Type of File list.

  7. Enter the memory location where you want to load the binary in the Location field:

    • For files of type obj and ascii, you can optionally enter as value. The value is an offset that is added to the start address in the file.

    • For other file types, you must enter a value. The value is an absolute memory address.

  8. Click Open to load the binary to the specified location.

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