4.13. Changing the format of the disassembly view

When working in disassembly view, you can temporarily choose the display format for your code view.

To change the format of the disassembly view:

  1. Connect to your target.

  2. Load an image, for example dhrystone.axf.

  3. Click the Disassembly tab.

  4. Right-click in the Disassembly tab to display the context menu.

  5. Select Disassembly Format... from the context menu to see the Disassembly Mode selection box, shown in Figure 4.11.

    Figure 4.11. Disassembly Mode selection box

    Disassembly Mode selection box

    Use this selection box to specify how disassembled code is displayed, If you choose Auto-mode, the default format, RealView Debugger displays the code in a format specified by the image contents. If no image information is available, then the current state of the processor is used.

  6. Select the required format and click OK to confirm your choice. Click Cancel to close the selection box without changing the display format.

You can use workspace settings to specify the format used for disassembly.

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