13.1.3. Registers

The Registers view displays the contents of processor registers and enables you to change those contents. Where appropriate, the view shows registers using enumerations to make it easier to read the details, and enables you to enter new values in this format. The Registers view updates the register values to correspond to the current program status each time the target processor stops.

The registers that are visible depend on your debug target, that is your processor and the debug interface. See your processor hardware documentation for details on processor-specific statistics. For information on different debug interfaces, see the appropriate documentation.

Defining new registers

RealView Debugger has built-in awareness of core registers and other standard registers for different processor families. These are displayed in the Registers view. However, you can define new ASIC registers in the target configuration settings. When configured, user-defined registers can be displayed in the Registers view in the same way as standard registers.

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