10.2. Changing scope to the PC

By default, the PC defines the current execution context. However, if you have forced scope to another location, you might want to restore the scope to the PC.

To change the scope to the PC, right-click on the background in the current code view to display the context menu, and select either:

Table 10.1 shows the command that is issued in each code view when you select these options from the context menu.

Table 10.1. Commands issued when locating PC in each code view

Option usedDisassembly ViewSource view
Locate PC in DisassemblySCOPEMODE
Locate PC in SourceMODESCOPE

When RealView Debugger issues the MODE command, the code view changes to the alternate view.

When RealView Debugger issues the SCOPE command, the scope changes to the current PC location, and the following is displayed in the Cmd tab of the Output view:

At the PC: (address): module\function

However, if you are viewing a source file, and no source exists at the PC, the view changes to the Disassembly tab and the corresponding line of disassembly is displayed.

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