5.7.3. Locating a member function in a C++ class

For a member function of a parent class that is both declared and defined, you can quickly locate that function in your source.

To locate a declared and defined member function:

  1. Connect to your target.

  2. Load the required image, for example shapes.axf.

  3. Click the Locate PC button on the Debug toolbar to view the source file that contains the PC scope (shapes.cpp in this example).

  4. Select View → Classes from the Code window main menu to open the Classes view. Figure 5.13 shows an example:

    Figure 5.13. Classes view

    Classes view

  5. Expand the required class to show the components of that class.

  6. Right-click on the required function to display the context menu.

  7. Select Find Definition from the context menu:

    • If the function has a single declaration, then your code view changes to show the location.

    • If the function has multiple declarations, then a List Selection dialog box is opened showing the declarations. Deselect all declarations except for the one that is of interest, and click OK. The code view changes to show the location.

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