4.17.2. Turning off line numbers permanently

To permanently view the line numbers in source files that are open:

  1. Select Tools → Options... from the Code window main menu to open the Options window. Figure 4.12 shows an example. This window contains your global workspace settings.

    Figure 4.12. Settings Window

    Settings Window

  2. Expand the ALL entry.

  3. Select the Edit entry. The Edit settings are displayed in the right pane, shown in Figure 4.13.

    Figure 4.13. The line number workspace setting

    The line number workspace setting

  4. Change the Line number setting to False.

  5. Select File → Save and Close from the menu to save the changes and close the Settings Window.

    A prompt dialog box is opened to warn you that some settings only take effect when you restart RealView Debugger. You must restart RealView Debugger after changing the Line number setting for the change to take effect.

  6. Click OK.

Line numbers are not displayed for all subsequent debugging sessions.

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