A.1.3. Memory_maps

Contains the setting Access, which indicates the default access type of Default Mapping regions in the Memory Map tab of the Process Control view. Possible values are:


All Default Mapping regions are defined as No Memory. This is the default.

When you specify this option, various RealView Debugger views are affected as follows:

  • The Memory view for the Default Mapping regions shows red asterisks. You cannot read from or write to memory locations in these regions using the Memory view.

  • The Disassembly view shows these regions as <Unmapped Memory>.

  • You can load an image into these regions. When you do, a new memory region of type RAM is created. The start address and size of this memory region depends on the load address and the size of the image, The region name is made up of the section names contained in the image, for example:

    Sect ER_RO,ER_RW,ER_ZI


All Default Mapping regions are defined as RAM.


You must disconnect and reconnect the target for the setting to take effect.

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