13.3. Displaying function information from the Symbols view

You can view information for a function, which includes the type declaration and where the function is located.

To display information for a function:

  1. Select View → Symbols from the Code window main menu to open the Symbols view. Figure 13.12 shows an example. If you have loaded multiple images to the target, then all the images are listed.

  2. Click the Functions tab. This lists the public and static functions in the image. Figure 13.13 shows an example.

  3. Locate the required function.

  4. Right-click on the function entry to display the context menu.

  5. Select the required option from the context menu:

    • Select Print Type Information, to display the type declaration for the function, and where the function is located.

      This option issues a PRINTTYPE command.

    • Select Print Full Information, to display the address where the function is located, and location in your source code, if any.

      This option issues a CEXPRESSION command.

    The information is displayed in the Cmd tab.

For example, for the function, Func_1 in the Dhrystone image, the following information is displayed in the Cmd tab:

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