13.14.3. Viewing the Stack at a specified address

To view the Stack at a specified address:

  1. Right-click on a stack address (in the left column) to display the context menu.

  2. Select Set Start Address... from the context menu to display the start address dialog box. Figure 13.42 shows an example. If you have set a start address previously, this last expression you used is displayed in the dialog box.

    Figure 13.42. Start address dialog box

    Start address dialog box

  3. Enter an explicit address, an expression, or a register (for example @R9) as the new address.

    If you leave the expression field blank, or remove an existing expression, in the address prompt dialog box, RealView Debugger reverts to using the default stack pointer register. That is, R13 (see Figure 13.18).

  4. Click Set to confirm your choice and close the address prompt box. The new start address is marked by Expression Pointer (EP), located at the bottom of the stack, shown in Figure 13.43.

    Figure 13.43. Expression Pointer in the Stack view

    Expression Pointer in the Stack view


    The SP register is unchanged, and the target is unaffected.

You can also use the drop-down arrow to select an expression from a browser or to re-use a value entered previously. The drop-down also gives access to your list of personal favorites where you can store a memory address for re-use in this, or future, debugging sessions.

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