13.20. Saving memory contents to a file

You can save all or part of the target memory to a file.

To save the contents of a memory range into a file:

  1. Select Debug → Memory/Register Operations → Upload/Download Memory file... from the Code window main menu to open the Upload/Download file from/to Memory dialog box. Figure 13.57 shows an example:

    Figure 13.57. Upload/Download file from/to Memory dialog box

    Upload/Download file from/to Memory dialog box

  2. Specify the operation and set up the controls, as follows:

    1. Select the Save Memory into File radio button. This instructs RealView Debugger to access the specified memory block, read the contents, and write them to the given file.

    2. In the File text box, enter the full path name of the file to use to read/write memory values.

    3. In the Type of File section of the dialog box, select the data type to be used in the specified file where:

      • obj specifies an object file in the standard executable target format, for example ARM-ELF for ARM architecture-based targets.

      • raw specifies raw data using the most efficient access size for the target.

      • raw32 specifies a data file as a stream of 32-bit values.

      • raw16 specifies a data file as a stream of 16-bit values.

      • raw8 specifies a data file as a stream of 8-bit values.

      • ascii specifies a space-separated file of hexadecimal values. A header line is included at the start of the file that describes the file format:



        • start and end specifies the address range that is written

        • size is a character that indicates the size of each value, where b is 8 bits (the default), h is 16 bits and l is 32 bits.

    4. Specify the region of memory to save, either as:

      • an address range (0x88A0..0x8980)

      • a start address and length (0x88A0..+1000 or main..+1000).

      If required, use the drop-down arrow to select a previously used location from the stored list.

  3. Click Apply to create and write the specified file. If the specified file already exists, you are prompted to overwrite it:

    • Click Yes to overwrite the file.

    • Click No to cancel the save operation.

  4. Click Close to close the Upload/Download file to/from Memory dialog box.

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