1.2.4. Files used to describe target connections and configurations

RealView Debugger uses a board file to access information about the debugging environment and the targets available on your development platform. The board file contains an entry for each Debug Configuration that you create.

Default board file

When you start RealView Debugger for the first time after installation, RealView Debugger:

  • Creates a user-specific RealView Debugger home directory for you in:


  • Copies the default rvdebug.brd file to your user-specific RealView Debugger home directory. Any subsequent changes you make to the connection configuration are then stored in this user-specific rvdebug.brd file.

User-specific board file

The user-specific rvdebug.brd file includes connection configuration settings and references to other files that are required to define a Debug Configuration, such as:

  • Debug Interface configuration files that identify the targets to which you can connect

  • BCD files that specify memory map related details for various components of the target hardware.

Board/Chip Definition files

When you start RealView Debugger for the first time after installation, RealView Debugger copies the installed BCD files, and other configuration files, to your default settings directory identified by the RVDEBUG_SHADOW_DIR_ETC environment variable.

Having separate BCD files for specific components of your development platform means that you can re-use them for:

  • other Debug Configurations that specify different debugging environments for your development platform

  • other development platforms that have the same components.

For example, if you have an ARM966E-S™ processor module on an Integrator™/CP board, then you can use the CM966ES.bcd and CP.bcd files. Because the board definitions are separate from the processor definitions, if you change the processor module on the Integrator/CP to an ARM920T™, then you have only to change the reference to the processor module BCD file CM920T.bcd. Also, if you have multiple processor modules on the Integrator/CP, then you can reference the BCD file for each one.

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