13.18.6. Accessing the individual cycle count statistics values

The RVISS cycle count statistics comprise:

Standard cycle counters

To access the standard cycle count statistics you can use the symbol @stats_symbolname, where symbolname is the name of the cycle counter, or the STATS command. A cycle counter name has all the non-alphanumeric characters converted to underscores.

To get a complete list of the standard cycle counter symbols @stats_symbolname, enter the following CLI command:

> reginfo,access,match:@stats

For an uncached von Neumann processor without a map file defined, the following symbols are displayed:

Register @stats_Instructions (display name "Instructions")
Register @stats_Core_Cycles (display name "Core_Cycles")
Register @stats__S_Cycles (display name "S_Cycles")
Register @stats__N_Cycles (display name "N_Cycles")
Register @stats__I_Cycles (display name "I_Cycles")
Register @stats__C_Cycles (display name "C_Cycles")
Register @stats_Total (display name "Total")

Cycle counters provided by the memory callback module.

For tracing, RealView Debugger uses @cycle_count. This is provided by the RVISS memory callback service that watches the bus between the processor and the cache or memory, and provides a reasonable definition of time.


The bus ratio between the inside of the processor and the outside might mean that @cycle_count is several times the value of the other clock.

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