15.4. Creating log and journal files at start-up

You can start RealView Debugger and open a log or journal file for writing. Do this from a command prompt window, or create a desktop shortcut, for example:

rvdebug.exe --stdiolog "C:\rvd\test_files\STDIO_tst_file.log"
rvdebug.exe --jou "C:\rvd\test_files\Jou_tst_file.jou"
rvdebug.exe --log "C:\rvd\test_files\Log_tst_file.log"


If the file does not exist, RealView Debugger creates it. Where the file exists, RealView Debugger overwrites the current contents, without displaying a warning message.

If the log and journal files are successfully opened, an indicator for each type is displayed in the status bar of the Code window, shown in Figure 15.2.

Figure 15.2. Status line indicating open log and journal files

Status line indicating open log and journal files

When RealView Debugger starts to write to the log file, it records the filename as the first entry, for example:

;;;;LOG FILE: C:\rvd\test_files\my_log.log

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