4.19.1. Specifying the source file location

To autoconfigure the source search rules:

  1. At the Source File Location dialog box, shown in Figure 4.18, either:

    • Edit the path name shown in the dialog box. The path name shown is that obtained from the image.

    • Click the open file button to locate the required file.

    Figure 4.18. Source File Location dialog box

    Source File Location dialog box

  2. Click Retry:

    • If RealView Debugger fails to locate the file, the Source File Location dialog box remains open. Correct the path name and try again.

    • If RealView Debugger successfully locates the file, the Source File Location dialog box closes automatically.

The search mapping that you specify is saved in a settings file that is stored in the same location as the image. This file has the same name as your image, and has the .apr file extension. For example, if you are using the dhrystone.axf image, the settings file is called dhrystone.axf.apr. The settings in this file are re-applied when you next load the image. You can view the source mappings with the Source Search and Mappings dialog box.

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