4.2.2. Loading an executable image with options

To load an executable image:

  1. See Before you load an image.

  2. Select Target → Load Image... from the Code window main menu to open the Load Image dialog box. Figure 4.1 shows an example:

    Figure 4.1. Load Image dialog box

    Load Image dialog box

  3. Locate the executable image that you want to load.

  4. If you want to load sections of the image, then enter the sections in the Sections field. This must be a comma-separated list without any spaces, for example, ER_RW,ER_RO,ER_ZI.

  5. If your image accepts arguments, then enter the values for the arguments in the Arguments field. This must be a space separated list, for example, 100 2 "Y".

  6. If you are loading a relocatable image, enter the address offset in the Offset field.


    To load an image to the Normal World of a target that supports TrustZone® technology, you must use the N: address prefix.

  7. Click Open to load the image.

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