13.17.1. Examining watches in the Watch view

To examine the watches you set, select View → Watch from the Code window main menu to open the Watch view. Figure 13.51 shows an example Watch view, with several expressions already set.

Figure 13.51. Watch view with watches

Watch view with watches

The entries correspond to the watches you set, in the order that you set them. Each expression is shown giving the Name and Value. You can expand the column headings by dragging the boundary marker to make the details easier to read.

Expressions are listed in the order they are created. You can drag the column headings to display the full name or value if required. Where an entry contains subentries, for example an array, a plus sign is appended to the name. Click on this to expand the display.

One watched value is an array, shown by the plus sign appended to the variable name. Click the plus sign to expand the view and display the array elements.


If the chosen array is very large, RealView Debugger warns you before expanding the view. Click either Yes to expand the array, or No to cancel the operation.

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