13.6.1. Printing the value of a variable

To print the value of a variable:

  1. Select View → Symbols from the Code window main menu to open the Symbols view. Figure 13.12 shows an example. If you have loaded multiple images to the target, then all the images are listed.

    Figure 13.12. Symbols view

    Symbols view

  2. Click the Variables tab. This lists the public and static variables in the image. Figure 13.13 shows an example:

    Figure 13.13. List of variables

    List of variables

  3. Locate the required variable.

  4. Right-click on the variable entry to display the context menu.

  5. Select the required option from the context menu:

    • select Print Hex, to display the value of the variable in hexadecimal

    • select Print Decimal, to display the value of the variable in decimal.

    The information is displayed in the Cmd tab.

    These options issue a PRINT command, which is the short form of PRINTVALUE.

For example, for the array Arr_2_Glob in the Dhrystone image, the following information is displayed in the Cmd tab:

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