4.18.1. Adding a source search path

To add source file search paths for a loaded image:

  1. Select Debug → Set Source Search Path... from the Code window main menu to open the Source Search and Mappings dialog box. Figure 4.14 shows an example. The Source Search Path tab is selected by default.

    Figure 4.14. Source Search Paths dialog box

    Source Search Paths dialog box

  2. Click New to open the Browse For Folder dialog box.

  3. Locate the directory containing the source files.

  4. Click OK.

    The source search path is added to the list of paths, as shown in Figure 4.15.

    Figure 4.15. Source search path list

    Source search path list

  5. If your sources are distributed between a number of directories, then repeat the previous steps for each directory.

  6. When you have located all the search paths for the image, click OK to close the Source Search and Mappings dialog box.


The Object Search Path and Object Mapping tabs are used when debugging OS-aware applications, and provides mappings to objects, such as shared libraries.

The search paths that you define are saved in a settings file that is stored in the same location as the image. This file has the same name as your image, and has the .apr file extension. For example, if you are using the dhrystone.axf image, the settings file is called dhrystone.axf.apr. The settings in this file are re-applied when you next load the image.

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