1.1.4. Code window

This is the main window of RealView Debugger. All RealView Debugger operations are accessible from the main Code window. Figure 1.1 shows an example:

Figure 1.1. Code window (default layout)

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Although a single Code window is sufficient for most tasks, you might want to open more Code windows if you are:

Code window status bar

The Code window status bar shows:

  • The Processor run state for the current connection, which can be:

    • Running

    • Stopped

    • nn Steps Remaining, when performing multi-step operations with CLI commands

    • Waiting, when performing synchronized stepping.

  • The current Processor state:

    • ARM

    • Jazelle

    • Thumb

    • Thumb2-EE.

  • The Processor endianness:

    • Little

    • Big (BE8)

    • Big (BE32).

  • The line number and column number of the cursor position in the Disassembly tab or a source code tab.

  • A Script indicator to show that a script is running.

  • When any log, journal, and STDIO log files are open:

    • LOG

    • JOU

    • STDIOlog.

  • A Processor mode indicator to show the value of the CPSR Mode field.

  • For processors that support TrustZone® technology, a padlock icon shows the current world.

Figure 1.2 shows an example:

Figure 1.2. Status bar

Status bar

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