4.15.3. Locating a source file for an image in the Process Control view

You can locate a source file for an image in the Process Control view by scrolling the view contents. However, if your image has been built from a large number of source files, you can quickly locate a source file by using the type ahead facility.

Using the type ahead facility to locate a source file

To use the type ahead facility:

  1. Select the image containing the source file that you want to locate.

  2. Type the first letter of the source file.

    RealView Debugger locates the first matching source file. If the Sources entry is collapsed, then RealView Debugger expands it first.

  3. If more than one source file starts with the same letter, type additional letters to locate the appropriate source file. Each letter you type is added to the type ahead buffer.

When using this facility, the type ahead buffer is not case sensitive and is limited to 128 characters. Do one of the following to clear the buffer:

  • select a different item either by left-clicking on an item or by using the arrow keys

  • press Home to move to the top of the view

  • press Esc.

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