3.10. Setting top of memory for the current debugging session

You can set the top_of_memory on a temporary basis, that is for as long as the current connection is established, using the @top_of_memory symbol.


Top of memory is valid only for targets connected through DSTREAM or RealView ICE.

To set top_of_memory for a connection in the current debugging session:

  1. Select View → Registers from the Code window main menu to open the Registers view. Figure 3.17 shows an example:

    Figure 3.17. Top of Memory in Debug tab of Registers view

    Top of Memory in Debug tab of Registers view

  2. Locate the Top of Memory setting.

  3. Click on the value for the Top of Memory setting.

  4. Replace the current value with the required value for the top of memory.

  5. To check the value of top_of_memory, enter the CLI command:

    printvalue @top_of_memory

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