4.15.2. Opening a file from the image file list

To open a source file using the list of sources for a loaded image:

  1. Select View → Process Control from the Code window main menu to open the Process Control view, if it is not already visible.

  2. Expand the Sources entry in the Process tab to display a list of sources for the image.

  3. Locate the required source file.

  4. To open the source file, either:

    • Right-click on the source file, and select Open File from the context menu.

    • Double-click on the source file.

    The chosen source file is opened, and the cursor is placed at the start of that file.

  5. If an open source file has unsaved edits, you are prompted to save the source file:

    • Click Yes to save the changes.

    • Click No if you do not want to save the changes.

    The source file is opened into a tab in the Code window. If the file is already open:

    • RealView Debugger does not re-open the file if it has unsaved edits

    • re-opens the file into the existing tab for that file.

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