4.3.2. Viewing image details in the Process Control view

By default, the side view to the right of the source and disassembly view is the Process Control view. However, if you no longer have the Process Control view visible, select View → Process Control from the Code window main menu to open it as a floating view, shown in Figure 4.4.

Figure 4.4. Image details in the Process Control view

Image details in the Process Control view

The Process Control view contains tabs:


Displays details of the target processor or, in multiprocessor debugging mode, the current process.

In the example in Figure 4.4, you can see the following entries:

Current process

Shows the target processor and the current state of any running process.

Where the process is stopped, as here, this shows the value of the PC. Where the process is executing, this changes to Run.


Details the loaded images:


For each image, a check box indicates the load state and what has been loaded, that is image, symbols, or both.


This is a list of the source files extracted from the loaded image.

Memory Map

Displays the memory mapping for the target processor, or the current process.

You can also temporarily change the map settings if required. If you do this:

  • your changes to not affect the memory map settings in the configuration files

  • when you disconnect from the target, the changes are lost.

The tabs displayed in the Process Control view depend on the debugging mode that you are licensed to use and your current debugging environment. For example, when debugging multithreaded applications, a Thread tab is also displayed.

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