4.2.6. Loading from the Process Control view

If you have started RealView Debugger and are connected to a debug target, you can load an image for execution from the Process Control view:

  1. See Before you load an image.

  2. Select View → Process Control from the Code window main menu to open the Process Control view.

    With no image loaded, the view only shows details about the debug target processor and the current location of the PC.

  3. If no image is loaded, right-click in the Process tab to display the context menu.

    If an image is already loaded, you must right-click on the top-level processor entry (for example ARM7TDMI) to display the context menu.

  4. Select Load Image... from the context menu to open the Select Local File to Load dialog box. Figure 4.1 shows an example.

  5. Complete the entries in the dialog box, to load the required image.

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