13.13.4. Changing the number of columns displayed

When the Memory view first opens, the number of columns you can see is fixed at four columns. To change the number of columns visible in the display:

  1. Display the Memory view toolbar, if it is not already visible.


    The Memory view toolbar is displayed by default.

  2. Select the required number of columns to display from the Number of columns list in the Memory view toolbar. Figure 13.37 shows an example:

    Figure 13.37. Number of columns list in Memory view

    Number of columns list in Memory view

    This number excludes the columns used for displaying the ASCII view.

    You can explicitly choose to display from one column up to 16 columns. However, if you select Auto column, then the maximum number of columns displayed depends on the width of the Memory view, and whether or not the ASCII view is displayed.

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