3.10.1. Setting top_of_memory and stack values

If defined, the top_of_memory variable specifies the highest address in memory that the C library can use for stack space. By default, a semihosting call returns top_of_memory. Stack and base are then set to be immediately below top_of_memory.

RealView Debugger uses default settings for stack and base that are target-dependent. The default setting for top_of_memory depends on the target. The default is 0x80000 when connecting to an ARM architecture-based processor through DSTREAM or RealView ICE.

When you first connect to an ARM architecture-based debug target, RealView Debugger might display a warning message in the Cmd tab:

Warning: No stack/heap or top_of_memory defined - setting top_of_memory to 0x00020000.

To avoid this message for connections to RVISS targets, permanently set top_of_memory using the Connection Properties window. Configure this for your debug target so that it is used whenever you connect with RealView Debugger.


Top of memory is valid only for targets connected through DSTREAM or RealView ICE.

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