9.3. Enabling memory mapping

Memory mapping is disabled by default when you first connect to an ARM architecture-based debug target. In this case, RealView Debugger treats all memory as RAM, which might be undesirable for your application. To allow RealView Debugger to correctly debug your target, you must enable memory mapping and specify the memory regions on your target.

To enable memory mapping:

  1. Before you can view a memory map, connect to a target (see Connecting to a target).

  2. Select View → Memory Map Tab from the Code window main menu to open the Process Control view and bring the Memory Map tab to the front. Figure 9.1 shows an example:

    Figure 9.1. Disabled memory map

    Disabled memory map

    Alternatively, if you have an instance of the Process Control view that is docked, click the Memory Map tab in that view.

  3. Right-click anywhere in the Memory Map tab to display the context menu.

  4. Select Memory Mapping from the context menu.

    A check mark is displayed to the left of the option, to indicate that memory mapping is enabled. Also, a default memory map entry is displayed, as shown in Figure 9.2.

    Figure 9.2. Default memory map

    Default memory map

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