9.4. Viewing the memory map

The Process Control view provides a view of the memory mapping for the debug target that is running your application.

To view the memory map:

  1. Connect to a target.

  2. Enable memory mapping.

  3. Select View → Memory Map Tab from the Code window main menu to open the Process Control view and bring the Memory Map tab to the front. Figure 9.3 shows an example:

    Figure 9.3. Example of a memory map

    Example of a memory map

    Alternatively, if you have an instance of the Process Control view that is visible, click the Memory Map tab in that view.

The Memory Map tab displays a tree-like structure for each region of the memory map showing the description and start address. Additional details for each region include the size and access rule, as shown in see Figure 9.5). The way that memory is shown depends on your debug target because RealView Debugger populates this tab from:

Colored icons are used to show the type of memory defined.

With an image loaded, the Memory Map tab is updated from details in the image itself. The memory map is also automatically updated if any registers change that affect memory mapping.

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