7.1.2. Debug Interface units and multiple targets

If all your hardware targets are on a single development platform, you can connect to those targets through a single hardware Debug Interface unit, such as DSTREAM or RealView ICE. This is the best configuration when performing multiprocessor debugging.

If real hardware is not available during your application development stage, you can connect to all simulated targets, or a mixture of hardware and simulated targets. For example, you can connect to two ARM processors through a RealView ICE Debug Interface unit, and connect to a simulated target through the RVISS Debug Interface. However, if you mix connections using a hardware Debug Interface unit and a simulator in this way, there are limitations on the multiprocessor debugging features you can use.

RealView Debugger supports multiple Debug Interface units by separating the target connection from your view of that connection.


Limitations inherent in these different interfaces might have an impact on the way the debugger operates. For example, the speed of download might vary between interfaces or some features might not be available on some interfaces.

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