11.1.6. Breakpoint icons and color coding

Breakpoints are marked in the source-level and disassembly-level view in the gray margin, at the left side of the window. Standard software and hardware breakpoints are identified by a disc icon, which is color-coded to reflect the type and status of the breakpoint:


A red icon shows that you have set an unconditional breakpoint, and that the breakpoint is enabled.


A yellow icon shows that you have assigned a software condition to the breakpoint, and that the breakpoint is enabled.


A white icon shows that you have disabled an existing breakpoint.

This color coding is also reflected in the Break/Tracepoints view.

If you try to set a breakpoint on a non-executable line, RealView Debugger places the breakpoint at the first line of executable code after your chosen location. If the lines preceding the breakpointed instruction are comments, declarations, or other non-executable code, they are marked with downward pointing arrows. Lines marked in this way are regarded as part of the breakpoint. Figure 11.1 shows an example:

Figure 11.1. Breakpoint showing downward pointing arrows

Breakpoint showing downward pointing arrows

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