1.2.9. Header file tapshare.h

You can use TAPOp functions to read and write data that is held by the server for the various TAPOp clients connected to it, allowing these applications to communicate with each other in a limited manner.

There are two sets of data:

Data that is private to each TAP controller (processor)

There are flags held for each processor. Some flags are debugger read-only and some are read/write.


Use of these flags is optional for a TAPOp client, but if they are used, they provide a way to start and stop processors almost synchronously when several applications are involved.

Data that is common to all TAP controllers

The server does nothing with this data. It maintains it so the TAPOp clients can use it to communicate between themselves. The size of this data is arbitrary, and is currently four words (16 bytes).

It is not necessary for a TAPOp client to have a selected connection in order to use the private data functions, because they do not affect the TAP controller in any way. However, to allow atomic Read-Modify-Write of the common data, the connection must be selected, so a deselect parameter is available.

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