D.3.2. Dual-Mictor trace probe

A 32-bit, dual-Mictor trace probe is available for use with RealView Trace 2 units. This probe is connected to the 40- and 60-way trace probe connectors on the RVT 2 unit using a split-ribbon cable. Figure D.4 shows the dual-Mictor trace probe.

Figure D.4. 32-bit dual-Mictor trace probe


Support shrouds that are fitted around target connectors cannot be used with the dual-Mictor trace probe.

A typical arrangement using the dual-Mictor trace probe is shown in Figure D.5.

Figure D.5. RealView Trace 2 unit connections

It is possible to use extender cables for connecting the dual-Mictor probe to the trace connector on the target board. See Figure D.6.

Figure D.6. Dual-Mictor probe with extender cables

See also Dual-Mictor trace probe characteristics.


If extender cables are used, for optimum results the maximum length of these must not exceed 300mm.


It is not recommended that you use the extender cables for targets with a trace clock over 300MHz.

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