6.2. About RealView Trace 2

The RealView Trace 2 product extends the RealView Trace functionality in a number of ways. These are:

Data port widths from 1 to 32 bits are supported, using a 32-bit dual-Mictor trace probe.

RealView Trace 2 collects trace information at clock speeds of up to 400MHz.

RealView Trace 2 enables more trace storage than RealView Trace. This means that if you wanted to trace writes to a particular peripheral, this buffer enables you to capture a greater amount of peripheral data write history. This feature is also useful for better profiling and code coverage.

RealView Trace 2 provides a data streaming capability that directly enables hardware platform profiling by the RealView Profiler, used as a plug-in to the Eclipse IDE. The ARM Profiler, combined with a RealView Trace 2 data capture unit and a RealView ICE run control unit, provides streaming profiling of hardware targets. This streaming profiling technique removes the usual trace capture unit dependence on the size of the on-board buffer, and enables profiling for as long as is needed.

RealView Trace 2 additionally has the following features:

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