1.5.3. Recommended applications for debugging with GDB

The recommended applications for debugging with GDB are described in the following sections:


ARM Limited does not provide support for these applications. If you require support for these applications, see the related web site.

All examples in this chapter assume that you are using GDB from a Unix shell. Also, this chapter assumes that you are familiar with using:

It also assumes that you already have these applications installed. See the related web sites for details on how to obtain, install, and use them.

The GNU toolchain for ARM architectures

You must use a GNU toolchain built for ARM architecture support. You can obtain prebuilt versions of the toolchain from either:

  • CodeSourcery GNU Toolchain for ARM processors, available from:


    The CodeSourcery GNU Toolchain for ARM processors commands are prefixed with arm-none-eabi-, for example arm-none-eabi-gcc.

    This toolchain is compliant with the Application Binary Interface (ABI) for the ARM Architecture (base standard) [BSABI].

  • GNU ARM toolchain, available from:


    The GNU ARM toolchain commands are prefixed with arm-elf- for Windows and arm-linux- for Red Hat Linux. For example, arm-elf-gcc and arm-linux-gcc.

    This toolchain is not compliant with the ABI for the ARM Architecture.

Cygwin on Windows

On Windows you can have Cygwin, obtainable from http://www.cygwin.com. Instructions for setting up Cygwin for use with RealView ICE are given in the document Setting Up Cygwin on Windows, in the file CygwinSetup.pdf that accompanies this document.

Using an IDE with a GNU toolchain for ARM architectures

Although GDB is a command-line debugger, there are Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) that use GDB as their backend. For more information on using IDEs in this way, see the Application Note that accompanies this release.

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