4.5. Configuration of static IP addresses for virtual Ethernet

If you want to use virtual Ethernet to access your target from the network using a static IP address, you must set the IP Address, Net Mask and Default Gateway configuration items.


Both the IP Address and Net Mask configuration items must be set away from their defaults for them to have any effect.

Table 4.1 shows the configuration items that can be used for ARM7, ARM9 and ARM11 cores using JTAG to allow configuration of static IP addresses when using virtual Ethernet.

Table 4.1. Items for configuring static IP addresses

Internal nameDisplay nameDescriptionDefault
dcc__IP_ADDRESSIP AddressIP Address of the target when using virtual Ethernet0.0.0.0
dcc__NET_MASKNet MaskNet Mask of the target when using virtual Ethernet255.255.255.255
dcc__DEFAULT_GATEWAYDefault GatewayDefault Gateway for the target when using virtual Ethernet0.0.0.0

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