8.4.2. rviload command syntax

The rviload utility has the following command syntax:

rviload [options]... address:file [address:file]...

The options are:

-c, --check

Check memory as it is being written.

-a, --autoconfig=DELAY

Autoconfigure the scan chain and then wait DELAY (s).

-s, --jtagclock

The JTAG clock speed in Hz, 0==‘RTCK’ (default 10MHz).

-d, --devnum=DEVNUM

The JTAG scan chain device number (default 1). Device 0 refers to the RealView ICE, so you can only specify devices greater than 0.

-H, --host=HOST

The host IP address/name of the RealView ICE.

-j, --jump=JUMPTO

Start executing from this (hex) address after loading.

-m, --dccmode=MODE

Enable debug communications in the particular MODE, and must be one of the following:


Raw DCC through client. Raw (unprocessed) data exactly as it exited the DCC register on the target, and is fed to the client.


Raw DCC through TCP/IP port range from 5000. Raw data fed to TCP/IP port in the port range specified.


Virtual Ethernet/TTY with tty channel through client.


Virtual Ethernet/TTY with tty channel through port range from 5000.

The DCC mode for rviload is specified by using a three-letter mode name such as VEP or VEC, whereas the DCC mode for rvigdbconfig is specified by a mode number such as 0, 1 or 2. See Setting DCC parameters.

-p, --page=PAGE

The target memory page number.

-q, --quiet

Do not print any messages.

-r, --rule=RULE

Target rule code.

-h, --help

Display this output.

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