6.6. Configuring trace lines

RealView ICE/RealView Trace 2 enables you to configure delays on the trace lines of RVT2. You do this by selecting the Trace node that is located in the tree diagram of the RVConfig dialog box. See Figure 6.6.

Figure 6.6. Trace node in RVConfig dialog box

Trace node in RVConfig dialog box

You can delay each line by a specified amount of time (expressed in picoseconds, in 75ps intervals). Default delays are configured into the unit, and you are able to delay each signal by a specified amount relative to these defaults, allowing for variations in target hardware.

You can also invert the clock so that data is sampled on the falling edge (rather than on the rising edge) of the clock. To do this, select the True/False checkbox. The default is False (unchecked).

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