1.4.4. The Remote Device Debug Interface

The Remote Device Debug Interface (RDDI) provides a C interface for connecting to development targets when using a RealView ICE unit. The interface is implemented as a Windows DLL or Linux-shared library. RDDI is available in three editions:

RDDI-LITE is installed as part of the RealView ICE host installation process, and contains full browse, JTAG and configuration functionality. This enables you to write programs that connect to a RealView ICE unit and issue JTAG operations to the target system.

RDDI-DEVICE provides all the capability of RDDI-LITE, with added functionality to enable communication with all the devices configured by the RVConfig program. This enables you to use the templates stored on the RealView ICE unit to access functionality within your target system. For example, you can write a program that connects to an ARM processor and issues memory access operations to program flash devices in your target system. RDDI-DEVICE is available as a download (requiring registration and click through license) from a link on the RealView ICE page, found within the development tools section on the ARM website (http://www.arm.com/products/).

RDDI-DEBUG enables you to target a debug solution for the devices supported by RealView ICE, and is available as a licensed product from ARM. For more information, contact support@arm.com.

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