7.2.1. Scanning for RealView ICE units

When you start RVI Update, it scans for run control units that are connected to your local network. The Scan button becomes animated to indicate that a scan is in progress. When RealView ICE finds a unit, it adds it to the list of available units, as shown in Figure 7.2.

Figure 7.2. RVI Update application showing available units

RVI Update application showing available units

If you want to stop scanning, click Scan. You can click Scan again at any time to force a rescan for available RealView ICE units and update the list.

The devices found are listed in the RealView ICE browser on the right of the dialog box. Select the unit you want to connect to and click Connect. Alternatively, do one of the following:

If you have problems connecting to a RealView ICE unit, see Troubleshooting RealView ICE connections.

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