7.4.2. Procedure for upgrading the LVDS probe

You can also use the RVI Update application to install an upgrade to your LVDS probe. This enables you to perform a once-only upgrade that is required if your LVDS probe was released with RealView ICE v3.0, because this type of probe is not SWD-capable. This upgrade procedure is only necessary if you want to make use of the Serial Wire Debug (SWD) facility.

To upgrade your LVDS probe:

  1. In the RVI Update application, select Upgrade LVDS Probe... from the RVI menu.

  2. You are prompted to confirm your option to upgrade the probe. Select Yes, and the RVI Update application begins the update process, during which you are reminded not to disconnect the probe, nor to power off your RealView ICE unit, until the process is completed. This is shown in Figure 7.16.

    Figure 7.16. Progress during probe update

    Progress during probe update


    You can only perform the upgrade if you have the v3.1 firmware installed, and if not then you must first perform a v3.1 firmware upgrade.

    You must also be using an LVDS probe that is at least at v3.0, and to determine the type of probe that you are using, see Appendix E Hardware Variants.

    If your probe is not SWD-compatible, you must replace it with the lead-free type. If so, contact ARM Limited for more information.

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