3.3.3. Configuring for connection with an Ethernet cross-over cable

If you have connected your run control unit directly to the host computer using a cross-over cable, you must assign static IP addresses to the host computer and the run control unit:

  1. Assign a static IP address to your host computer. If your host computer was obtaining an IP address from a DHCP server you can use that address, but you must now assign it statically.

  2. Select your RealView ICE unit, and click the Configure tool. Alternatively, double-click on the device in the list. The Configure RealView ICE device dialog box appears, as shown in Figure 3.6.

  3. Deselect DHCP.

  4. Enter a hostname in the Host Name field. This must contain only the alphanumeric characters (A-Z, a-z, and 0-9) and the - character, and must be no more than 255 characters long.

  5. Enter the required details in the following fields:

    • Default Gateway

    • Subnet Mask.

    These must be the same as those for the host computer.

  6. Enter an IP address of the run control unit in the IP Address field. Ensure that the host computer and the run control unit are in the same subnet. For example, if the subnet mask is set to, and the IP address of the host computer is 192.168.0.x, you must set the IP address of the run control unit to 192.168.0.y.

  7. Select the required Ethernet Type. Auto-Detect is the recommended setting.

  8. Click Configure.

    The RealView ICE run control unit restarts. While it is restarting, it is not present in the list of units. When it has restarted, it re-appears in the list of units, with its new network settings.


Software such as firewall software might interfere with the communications between the computer and RealView ICE. You might have to temporarily disable any firewall when using RealView ICE and re-enable it after you finish.

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